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With the advent of the internet, travel and how you create experiences that last a lifetime changed forever. With all the airfares, hotels and fun things to do at your fingertips, you could design a custom experience in seconds, without a travel agent.

Travelocity was a leader in creating the new world of travel. But with leadership comes intense competition, well funded, aggressive competition.

A group of your airline partners gets together to put you out of business. How to respond? Create a brand focused on the ability you have to create and control your own trip,  and how that travel experience can create a lifetime memory.

The Problem

The travel business was rapidly changing with suppliers cutting commissions and new online competitors numbering in the hundreds being added every day, Travelocity had to figure out how to maintain and add customers without increasing acquisition costs.

The Solution

The discovery process revealed that the upscale, travel-savvy online customer wanted control, choices, options and information. To book online, they want the data quickly and reliably – empowering them against the suppliers that control the pricing, choices and information. Infusing the element of control with the emotional experience that travel brings was the key strategy that was deployed across creative elements.

Reaching a large, fast-moving target efficiently required broadcast elements combined with a robust online effort that was optimized every two weeks, measured with a combination of cost per booking and total revenue per site.

Results 120% increase in members, 127% increase in bookings and a 178% increase in monthly bookers.

The Work

Leading with television and integrating across the internet, the power of the Travelocity brand let travelers know that they were in control of their total travel experience, no travel agent to deter them from the trip of a lifetime.

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National tv campaign

Using the power of television to capture the magic of travel and unique life changing experiences you could now discover and book on your own .

National radio

Supplementing the television was a robust schedule of national radio spots that focused on how easy it is to book a vacation using Travelocity.

magazine advertising

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Reinforcing the campaign, advertising in airport terminals and in sports arenas served as a constant reminder that you could travel virtually anywhere.


Taking the campaign across the globe was the next step for this expanding brand.

travelocity preferred loyalty program

As the brand grew, so did the competition. In a first for any online travel brand, a loyalty program was created to reward our most valued customers.

ensuring brand consistency

Creating a consistent brand meant that all employees were well versed on what Travelocity stood for and how their work could impact the customer experience. An explorers guide was created as a part of the brand introduction at an all hands meeting.

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