Green Before Green Was Good

As a company on the  cutting edge of mitigating climate change, ClimateMaster created a category of household products that possessed the power to reduce emissions from one of the largest generators of global warming, your home heating and air condition system.

In addition to lowering greenhouse gases, geothermal heating and cooling systems dramatically lower your electricity cost. A win for both the homeowner and the earth! 

But no one had heard of ClimateMaster, let alone geothermal systems to heat and cool your home. We set out to change that.

The Problem

ClimateMaster had the best product that lowered the cost of heating and cooling your home, yet their company was virtually unknown. We began by meeting with the owners and installers of the systems, homeowners and sales teams to define the selling process and what the hurdles were to purchase. A key issue revealed in discovery was an absence of structure to assist consumers.

The Solution

After the initial discovery, we supplemented the intelligence with an in-depth segmentation analysis that provided additional direction for the multi-faceted plan. We created several options for communicating to dealers and homeowners and tested each to ensure the direction met the goal of not only awareness, but drove leads to dealers.

After one year, the program had created successfully raised awareness, but also resulted in driving over 100,000 leads to dealers. This resulted in an increase in sales year over year of over 30%.

The Campaign

An integrated national campaign was created to support the brand to both the first of its kind consumer effort and to the dealers, architects and installers that were responsible for recommending and installing the systems.

NAtional print

Created to convey the savings that homeowners could reap when installing a geothermal system.

national print

Created to convey the savings that homeowners could reap when installing a geothermal system.

trade print

Promoting the profitability of installing systems to the dealer trade that was key to expansion of the brand.

TRAde print

Designed to create awareness among architects, a key group that can recommend geothermal in renovation and new home plans.

consumer shirt

Provided to homeowners that made the choice to install a new ClimateMaster system

installer gear

New fashionable logo gear for salesman and installers

yard signs

A key influencer strategy to spread awareness of the brand and category when installers show up at the neighbor's house

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